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Gone are the days when electrical contingencies in your house or office during the odd hours of the day was a matter of great concern because of the difficulties involved in finding a proper Electrician Echunga, Electrical Pro team of Echunga electricians consisting of domestic, commercial or residential electricians now offer their services round the clock all round the year.

Our highly qualified team of domestic electricians, commercial electricians and residential electricians in Echunga report at their allotted worksite wherever it might be your home or office without any delay and carry out the repairs necessary to correct the fault within the promised time.

Every single electrician in our Electrical Pro Echunga team of electricians are trained to use highly sophisticated instruments that reduces the working time necessary to carry out the repairs. This has made Electrical Pro Echunga one of the premier electrical services company in town for those looking for superlative services extended by domestic, residential and commercial electricians.

As soon as you contact us by registering your complaint, Electrical Pro Echunga will send an electrician or a team of electricians to carry out the repairs in your domestic, commercial or residential establishments without undue delay. If it is a major problem, our electrician will brief you about the nature of the work, the amount of time needed for completion and an approximate quote of material and labour charges. On agreement, we will execute the work with all earnestness and the work will be completed within the time promised.

Our Echunga electricians use the most modern wiring materials and accessories approved by various governmental agencies to carry out the repairs in your premises. In spite of using sophisticated instruments and high-end wiring materials, Electrical Pro is able to provide their services within a reasonable budget.

Ring us at 0438 840 121 or mail us at pete@electricalpro.com.au to avail the services of our residential, commercial or domestic electricians and we are sure that next time onwards you won’t think twice for an electrician because Electrical Pro Echunga will be the first and foremost electrical company that will come to your mind.

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